Managing the threat of flooding and improving our water infrastructure are vital to our community’s future.

To succeed, we need to work together to strengthen existing systems while implementing new projects and smart policies:

  • Improving existing structures, including the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs;
  • Ensuring the final completion of Project Brays;
  • Expediting the projects recommended following the Buffalo Bayou Resiliency Study;
  • Identifying additional detention areas;
  • Revising the floodplain maps;
  • Devising and installing a system for coastal surge protection;
  • Incentivizing public-private partnerships;
  • Coordination and communication among key stakeholders; and
  • Ensuring federal projects are completed on time and on budget.

These matters are critical to residents across our district and across our region.

In Congress, I have worked with city, county, and federal leaders on both sides of the aisle to prioritize our region and to secure the resources, information, and direct assistance our district needs to rebuild and to be better prepared for the next storm.

I led the bipartisan effort to release $4 billion in federal disaster relief funds, which was signed into law by President Trump. Working with our local leaders, I wrote the Hazard Eligibility and Local Projects (HELP) Act, a bill to cut through federal red tape to allow disaster relief projects to begin sooner, and built a bipartisan coalition to pass the bill in the House, which it did with overwhelming bipartisan support. I also led bipartisan legislation to use science and data to protect our infrastructure against the risks of climate change and strong weather events.

I serve on the Congressional committee that oversees the work of the Army Corps of Engineers and have worked closely with the Corps’ Galveston District to focus attention on the projects in our district and region.

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