We are facing serious threats both abroad and at home, and nothing is more important than keeping our country safe.

The Trump administration has dismantled the U.S. State Department, alienated our allies, and abandoned the leadership role the United States has historically played. This destructive behavior is about more than how we look to others—it is about the safety of American citizens.

Taunting volatile nations does nothing but place our national security in jeopardy. Targeting people based on race or religious affiliation violates our Constitution and distracts from real threats to our safety.

Congress must act to fill the policy and diplomatic vacuum the administration has created. Qualified individuals, without regard to partisan interest or affiliation, must fill critical roles, and we must restore funding to under-resourced outposts at home and abroad.

We must work to repair our reputation and secure our alliances. And we must maintain our focus on stopping terrorist and other threats around the globe, including providing law enforcement the resources and training needed to prevent terrorism.

We must prioritize support for our men and women who serve us in our military. Our troops put their lives on the line every day, and they deserve a government that honors them and the sacrifices they make for us all. This includes taking all necessary steps to protect them abroad and making sure that they are supported at home. We must ensure their access to quality health care, educational opportunities, claim resolution, and housing.

In Congress, I have worked to strengthen our national security and restore America’s leadership in the world. In supporting the National Defense Authorization Act, I supported our troops and national defense, including the largest pay raise for our troops in a decade. I have also supported legislation in the House to expand job training opportunities for veterans, to ensure pay parity for the Coast Guard, and to discharge education loan debt for veterans.

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