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Hunt and health care

Regarding “Hunt turns focus to health care in race,” (A3, Sept. 14): Thank you for the article on Texas District 7 Republican candidate Wesley Hunt. I saw the lovely TV ad you referenced over the weekend and did a double take. His emphasis on health care and protecting pre-existing conditions was laudable. But how? Currently, the reason pre-existing conditions are even protected is because of the Affordable Care Act, a law that the Republicans, especially the Donald Trump administration, have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to repeal without presenting any viable replacement. In fact, at this moment the Department of Justice along with Texas and other Republican states’ attorneys general have a lawsuit before the Supreme Court arguing the entire ACA should be declared invalid. Hunt, along with most Republicans, supports the repeal of ACA as per his website. He also wants to eliminate the individual mandate. Insurance of any kind cannot exist unless the risk is widely spread. Please continue to report the facts. We need them now more than ever. Sweet TV ads are great, but not when the intent is to deceive.

Denise Marks, Houston

I find it rich that Wesley Hunt’s ad touts his support for health care and coverage for pre-existing conditions. Somebody should remind him that he is running as a Republican, the party that has committed itself to repealing the Affordable Care Act. While you’re at it, remind him that District 7 already has a representative who has fought to expand health care and who belongs to the party that believes health care is a right and not a privilege. Her name if Lizzie Fletcher. If Hunt is so interested in health care, perhaps he should vote for Lizzie.

Robert Rodriguez, Houston

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