Fletcher: “Culberson Has Been on Notice of Flooding Risks Since Tropical Storm Allison”

August 24, 2018

Emily Druckman
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Fletcher: “Culberson Has Been on Notice of Flooding Risks Since Tropical Storm Allison”

Houston, Texas – Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, Democratic candidate for Congress Texas’ 7th Congressional District, today released a timeline to outline Houston’s 20-year history of chronic flooding and further illustrate how John Culberson’s record of failure in Washington has left this district even more vulnerable to extreme weather events.

Today’s timeline follows Fletcher’s Understanding Our Challenges, a forward-thinking statement she released this week, which lays out her major goals for prioritizing our local infrastructure.

Culberson took office just five months before Tropical Storm Allison, the country’s 15th most expensive storm, devastated the Houston area. “John Culberson has been on notice about flooding risks since Tropical Storm Allison, but instead of partnering with local agencies and advocating for our needs, he has prioritized partisan politics,” Fletcher said.

Since taking office, he has failed to provide leadership or foresight on flooding, and instead has prioritized a partisan agenda over the needs of the community he represents.

“His record shows that he has put party over people,” said Fletcher. “From his votes against improving our local infrastructure, to his failure to advocate for critical funding to upgrade and expand our water detention systems, John Culberson has left our community vulnerable. We need a representative who understands these challenges, and is willing to lead the fight to protect our community, before disaster strikes,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher is the Democratic nominee in Texas’ 7th Congressional District, a district that Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 election. CNN, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and Daily Kos all recently changed Texas’s 7th Congressional District to a key “toss-up” race in their 2018 election rankings.

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