Fletcher: Culberson Must Explain His Stock Purchases Connected to Federal Insider Trading Indictment

August 8, 2018

Emily Druckman
[email protected]

Houston, Texas – In light of Congressman Chris Collins’ federal indictment on charges of insider trading today, Lizzie Fletcher released the following statement calling on Congressman Culberson to publicly explain what information he received from Collins relating to Innate Immunotherapeutics stock:

“Today’s indictment raises serious questions. Congressman Culberson must explain why he, along with a small group of Republican lawmakers, bought stock in an obscure Australian biopharmaceutical company that is at the center of an insider trading scandal. If Congressman Culberson used his position of power, along with access to material nonpublic information, in an effort to benefit himself personally then Congressman Culberson will have confirmed he is exactly what is wrong with Washington.”

Questions Culberson must answer:

  • What information did Congressman Culberson have about Innate Immunotherapeutics at the time he bought and sold the stock?
  • Did Congressman Culberson get information from Congressman Collins on Innate Immunotherapeutics at any time?
  • Has Culberson been questioned by federal authorities in connection with the Innate Immunotherapeutics investigation?


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