Press Release: Unveiling Her Third TV Ad of 2020, Lizzie Fletcher Sheds Light On Opponent’s Commitment to Repeal the ACA and Remove Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

Fletcher’s Republican Opponent, Wesley Hunt, Wants to Repeal the Affordable Care Act – Threatening Health Care Coverage for More Than 11 Million Texans with Pre-Existing Conditions

New Ad Places A Spotlight On the One-in-Three Texans with Pre-Existing Conditions that Hunt’s Dangerous Proposal Would Harm

Hunt Refuses to Stand Up to Trump and Texas Republicans Working to Repeal the ACA, Even as Communities are Hit Hard by a Global Pandemic

Houston, TX Today, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) released her third television ad of the general election cycle, shining a spotlight on her Republican opponent Wesley Hunt’s stated intention to “fully repeal” the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which would repeal the only existing protections for people with pre-existing conditions. “One” educates voters on Hunt’s support for the combined efforts of Donald Trump and Texas Republicans to overturn the ACA, which would eliminate critical protections put in place to stop insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

The ad also highlights Fletcher’s commitment and legislative record to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, a top priority during her first term in Congress and a promise she made to voters in 2018. The ad will run on Houston broadcast and cable stations starting today.

“Millions of Texans have pre-existing conditions. For them, the Affordable Care Act makes it possible to get health insurance rather than a denial of coverage because of those conditions,” said Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher. “I have been fighting in Congress to protect people with pre-existing conditions and to improve our health care system, and fighting those who seek to undo these critical protections, including my opponent in this race who has said he believes we should ‘fully repeal’ the ACA, putting millions of people at risk of losing health care coverage at a time when we need it the most.”

Campaign Manager Molly Banta stated: “With self-described ‘Trump conservative’ Wesley Hunt running misleading ads on television, voters deserve to know the truth about his commitment to ‘fully repeal’ the Affordable Care Act. This community deserves better than disingenuous candidates who disguise their willingness to rubber stamp Donald Trump’s dangerous policies, especially his assault on their health care. In stark contrast, Lizzie Fletcher has not only promised to protect our care, she has a strong record of voting to protect and improve our care, and she will continue to fight in Congress to protect those with pre-existing conditions.”

Fletcher serves on the New Democrat Coalition’s Health Care Task Force, which develops and advances policies to improve our health care system. Fletcher has voted in favor of legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions from losing coverage and legislation to expand health care coverage and encourage states like Texas that have not expanded Medicaid to do so.

This is the third television ad Fletcher has run for the 2020 general election cycle. Her first ad, ‘Your Part,’ highlights Fletcher’s record of fighting for Houstonians as the community works together to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Her second ad, ‘Test,’ highlights Fletcher’s record on protecting and strengthening access to health care during her time in Congress and through the COVID-19 pandemic.


One in three Texans has a pre-existing condition.



Breast cancer.

Wesley Hunt wants to help Donald Trump repeal the Affordable Care Act.

He would let insurance companies deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

We could lose our coverage.

Even during a pandemic, Wesley Hunt would take away our health care.

I’m Lizzie Fletcher, and I’m fighting to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.

I approve this message, because you have enough to worry about right now.

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