Press Release: Washington Republicans Repeat Lies About Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s Strong Energy Record

Houston, TX—This week, Washington Republicans continued their lies in an attempt to mislead the voters of Texas’ Seventh Congressional District on Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s strong record of support for Houston’s energy industry. A disingenuous television ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund states “Fletcher voted to give any president the ability to ban fracking.”

This allegation has already been proven false by conservative media outlet, The Texan, last November:

Furthermore, Fletcher has been outspoken against any attempt to ban fracking and hurt Houston energy jobs:

“There is no stronger fighter for Houston’s energy economy than Lizzie Fletcher in Congress,” Fletcher Campaign Manager Molly Banta stated. “She has worked with both parties to implement energy policies that reflect the views of energy leaders here and she has opposed proposals from Democrats and Republicans that would hurt Houston’s energy economy. Her record fighting for Houston energy jobs is well documented and voters deserve more than false and misleading claims from Washington Republicans in this race.”

Click HERE to learn more about Lizzie Fletcher’s record on energy. Here are the facts:

Lizzie Fletcher opposes the Green New Deal.
She penned an op-ed opposing the Green New Deal published in the Houston Chronicle in April 2019, and national, local, and industry reporters have all recognized that Fletcher has “forcefully pushed back against Democrats’ most progressive proposals such as the Green New Deal.

Lizzie Fletcher works across the aisle to advocate for Houston’s energy economy—even when it means standing up to her own party.
Fletcher has vocally opposed proposed bans on fracking and offshore drilling, and has worked with Republicans to advance policies that prioritize Houston’s energy economy.

Lizzie Fletcher has worked across the aisle to fight for energy jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.
Fletcher fought for energy jobs to be included in coronavirus relief programs and partnered with Republicans to introduce proactive legislation to support the energy industry.

Lizzie Fletcher is a leader in Congress on energy.
Fletcher chairs the Subcommittee on Energy of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, she is co-chair of the Bipartisan Natural Gas Caucus, and she is a member of the Oil and Gas Caucus.

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